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Six Pack of Stats: White Sox 7, Tigers 2

Michael Kopech earned Sunday’s game MVP, in his first true major league start. What, you expected any less?

TA’s Tap: Anderson’s second inning double was the point of no return for White Sox win expectancy, in another dominant win.


Michael Kopech’s six innings (seven hits, one earned, two HBP, zero walks, four Ks) earned him a .229 WPA, making him the game MVP. Not bad for his first true start in the majors!


Kopech faced 1.15 pLI leverage in Sunday’s game, third overall but tops on the Chicago White Sox.


Chicago has won three straight games since Brett and Schoolly_D attempted to fashion Lurker Laura’s Crazy Bread! into some sort of White Sox rallying cry.


The White Sox have now won nine of 12 games, easily their best stretch of the season, outscoring opponents 61-45.


Kopech’s 63 game score ties him for the 27th-best White Sox start of the season. James Shields has seven better games, Carlos Rodón six, Reynaldo López three, Dylan Covey three, Lucas Giolito three, and Carson Fulmer one better start in 2018.


When Tim Anderson doubled with two outs in the third, pushing Adam Engel to third and extending what would become a four-run inning, Chicago’s win expectancy surged to 50.9%. It wouldn’t drop below 50% the rest of the game.