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Six Pack of Stats: Yankees 5, White Sox 4

Juan Minaya was the least valuable player for Chicago on Tuesday, while Jace Fry took top honors

Turn for the Worst: By Juan Minaya’s eighth-inning meltdown, the Yankees had snatched the win expectancy lead for good.


Dylan Covey authoring the fastball that lost the game for the Chicago White Sox in the ninth did not make him the least valuable White Sox player tonight, as he finished with a -.246 WPA. It was Juan Minaya, who started the eighth with a 4-2 lead and issued a single to Giancarlo Stanton and a home run to Aaron Hicks, who takes worst honors, with a -.438 WPA.


With a .153 WPA earned in his 1 13 inning outing, Jace Fry was the MVP for the White Sox on Tuesday. Neil Walker’s game-ending home run in the ninth gave him game MVP honors, with .416 WPA.


Tuesday marked just the fourth loss in 14 games for the White Sox. They’re tied with the New York Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays for the second-best team in baseball since August 14.


Daniel Palka has eight home runs of at least 110 mph exit velocity in 2018.


In one of the more evenly-matched games this season, the lead in win expectancy changed 10 times during the course of the contest, finally settling in the Yankees’ favor when Hicks’s two-run blast in the eighth inning tied the game, 4-4.


By reaching on an error to lead off the game, Yolmer Sánchez extended his on-base streak to 16 games. He later added two singles and finished the night 2-for-5, with a run and an RBI.