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Six Pack of Stats: White Sox 4, Yankees 1

Ryan LaMarre hogging all of the RBIs edged him past Reynaldo López for game MVP

Underneath the Waves: Lie Chicago’s win expectancy, which basically never dipped below 50%.


Predictably for a fella who clocked in all four RBIs in the game, Ryan LaMarre was the MVP of Wednesday’s game, with a .354 WPA. The stellar Reynaldo López was close behind, at .322 WPA.


Two Chicago White Sox players have had games of three-plus extra-base hits and four-plus RBIs this season: LaMarre tonight, and Matt Davidson (three homers, five ribs) on Opening Day in Kansas City.


White Sox starters have a 2.11 ERA over the past six games.


With Wednesday’s win improving the team to 53-80, the White Sox are now tied for third place in the AL Central with the Detroit Tigers.


The White Sox have now won five series in a row.


At 11-4 since August 14, the White Sox are tied for the best record in baseball with the Tampa Bay Rays.