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Eloy Jiménez is pissed at Rick Hahn

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Shots fired

Minor League Baseball: Southern League-All Star Game
In happier times
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A couple of the things I feared would result from the White Sox warehousing Eloy Jimenez in the minors has now come to fruition. After Jimenez penned an article last week declaring himself “beyond ready”, his agents followed that up today with some serious allegations and threats. Shots fired.

In interviews with Jon Heyman, Nelson Montes De Oca and Paul Kinzer of Rep1, ripped the White Sox decision to keep their top prospect in the minors and then dropped a reference to a grievance. Let’s take a look at a couple of the key quotes.

Montes De Oca, referencing a late-July comment from ChiSox GM Rick Hahn about how both top prospects have a “checklist” they need to fulfill, said, “I don’t see what boxes he needs to check to be called up … except for service time.”


Bryant and Phillies third baseman Maikel Franco are two players who have filed grievances over perceived promotion delays. They are pending against their current teams.

Alluding to the players already protesting, Kinzer said, “Eventually, you’ll probably have to add us to the list.”


You should read the whole article. Suffice to say, this is not a great look for the White Sox. Pissing off your top prospect is generally something to avoid. His agents make it known (as Eloy did previously) that there hasn’t been clear communication from the White Sox regarding what it is that he’s still supposed to be working on in the minors. What say you, Rick?

Hahn told Fancred via text, “I’ve really got nothing to add to what I have already said on this numerous times. I’ll discuss it again when we make an announcement as to our plan for the remainder of the season.”

Maybe you should’ve said something to Eloy, Rick.