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Six Pack of Stats: Red Sox 9, White Sox 4

The debacle of the last three frames was an equal-opportunity assault, so Lucas Giolito held on to the game MVP

WIle E.: You’re just not gonna see many steeper win expectancy drops than this one for the White Sox, courtesy of the ACME Offensive Corp. of Boston.


With a .229 WPA, Lucas Giolito and his potent 6 13 innings claimed the game MVP.


The series at the New York Yankees and vs. the Boston Red Sox represent the first time since 1939 that the Chicago White Sox have faced back-to-back opponents with winning percentages of .630 or better. New York started their series at 83-47 (.638), Boston began tonight at 92-42 (.687).

The White Sox have won two of four games so far.


None of the first six Red Sox batters saw a first-pitch strike from Giolito. Fifteen of the next 16 did.


Giolito enticed eight swinging strikes off of his changeup on Thursday, the most he’s piled up in a game all season. In-game, Chuck Garfien reported that Giolito spent much of the early season gripping his changeup too tightly, rendering it much less effective.


With a single in the second inning, Yolmer Sánchez extended his career-high on-base streak to 18 games.


Jumping on Boston starter Rick Porcello for four runs in the first two innings, the Boston ace piled up 51 pitches over those first two frames. Porcello would last just five innings, expending 95 pitches just to get that far.