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Gamethread: Red Sox at White Sox

It’s Pride Night on the South Side, thrown by a ballclub that today indicated it might not have any

MLB: Spring Training-Chicago White Sox at Seattle Mariners
Duck, Duck, Duck, Duck, Goose! Adam Engel, Avisaíl García, Nicky Delmonico and Daniel Palka are starting ahead of this guy tonight.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Hey guys, what’s happening?

In the news the Chicago White Sox would rather we be talking about today, the company car Joakim Soria drove up to the Milwaukee Brewers finally made its way back to Sox Park, whereupon Xavier Cedeño was stuffed inside and driven up north. In return, the White Sox received Bryan Connell and Johan Domínguez. Here’s the full tweet, to take your mind off, dunno, other non-events of the day (trust me, you don’t need a full rundown of Connell or Domínguez’s bio and stats):

Hey, but you caught that end part, right? Hamilton-Burr is a thing! And two of the three obvious candidates for promotion have made their way to Chicago. One is pitching tonight, the other is on a plane to the White Sox, and the third, well ...

Here’s who’s playing today. Can you believe just three starts in, the White Sox managed to screw up Kopech Day?

And for the Sawx. When I last saw Nathan Eovaldi, he was sitting in the Tampa Bay Rays locker room with a Carlos Quentin-style glacier of ice weighing down his body. Now he’s taking the mound for a team 51 games better than .500, in August:

I think, like, Hawk is broadcasting the game tonight? I’m sorta over it, but maybe we’ll get some Aflac duck references or something. Or Wimpy will crash the booth to lighten the mood.