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Super Stats Pack: Hitters

It’s pretty much José Abreu, Omar Narváez and pray for rain when it comes to the White Sox leaderboards on offense

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Tampa Bay Rays
Shooting Star: José Abreu’s bat woke up after the All-Star Game, placing him at the top of several White Sox leaderboards on offense.
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been about three weeks since our last check-in, and while the Chicago White Sox are still horrible on offense, the numbers here have improved a touch.

I continue to mess with the qualifying players, but this time it’s pretty much a straight Top 10 in each category, with more lenient qualification requirements; this time around, just going with one plate appearance per game, which keeps guys like Welington Castillo and Charlie Tilson in the mix, but Kevan Smith falls one PA short.

In all applicable cases, I’ve included a highlighted “average” performer for each stat, so you can get an idea of what a league average value is. For stats where “100” is by definition average, I’ve used different colors for above- and below-average players. For stats where “0” is by definition average, I’ve trusted you guys are smart enough to know that a negative value is below average.

Some extra, more traditional stats are thrown in, because as much as this is intended to be a sort of advanced-stats grasp of the White Sox, I’m not sure there’s a handy spot to see their Top 10 OPS guys or whatever. Maybe there’s some value in throwing in some of the more routine numbers as well.

If you would like these stats defined, check FanGraphs for either offensive or pitching terms.

Painting with a broad brush here, but a lazy interpretation of the fact that the White Sox have more hitters with above-average BABIP than batting average is that this team offense is actually getting a little lucky. Only Omar Narváez is placing better than average in on-base, which among other things, tells you how little this White Sox team likes to walk. The power numbers are better, and improved from the All-Star break.

With Tim Anderson merely holding steady in WAR, the rest of the league has caught up to the White Sox, to the extend that Chicago has exactly zero players whose WAR is better than the league average. Barf.

Yolmer Sánchez has taken a huge hit as the season has worn on, but the one area where he retained his value is in CLUTCH score, which compares a player’s high-leverage performance against a no-pressure situation.