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Gamethread: Yankees at White Sox

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Lucas Giolito vs. Luis Severino is totally a lost Beastie Boys rhyme

MLB: New York Yankees at Chicago White Sox
Hidden Highlights: Lost in Reynaldo’s cap-tipping was Ryan LaMarre’s boyish reaction to Adam Engel’s home run steal on Tuesday. (Love THE CATCH showing up on this angle, too.)
Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

Two losses — a blowout and a 13-inning squeaker. What fate awaits the Pale Hose tonight?

Yo-Yo up top.

Palka Smash cleanup.

Engel in the Outfield in center.

Revitalized Giolito on the bump.

Not the best draw ever, if wanting to avoid a sweep. But “Sevy” has been on the skids, so perhaps the South Siders can keep him sliding.