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Gamethread: Red Sox at White Sox

Tonight’s drinking game: Which Bosox player whines about an airtight strike call and gets tossed?

Boston Red Sox v Chicago White Sox
Cry, Cry, Cry: Comport yourselves like a team running away with a franchise record for victories, Carmines.
Photo by David Banks/Getty Images

OK, friends, speed-round gamethread copy from the road ...

A brief trip to the storied SSS archives yields this “offbeat” piece from the middle of June, titled Debate over Michael Kopech and Eloy Jiménez call-ups, sub-.600 OPSing OFs rages on; White Sox offer a onesie ... because hey, it’s Onesie Night, and man, this has been one hell of a hard season.

Scott Merkin recently presented a fairly sunny assessment of Nate Jones, throwing off a mound, sounding optimistic about a return this year. Well, be optimistic no mo:

It was sort of strange Aaron Bummer ever was sent down, and Caleb Frare was perhaps the No. 3 cause controversie when it came to Chisox call-ups, behind everyone’s favorite future MLBPA grievance Eloy Jiménez and Ian Hamilton.

Here’s Caleb, on the way inside to freshen up his gear ...

So, cool cool cool additions to the White Sox bullpen. Jace Fry gets company!

It’s Carlos Rodón Day!

On the Boston side:

Tonight’s drinking game: Which Bosox player bitches about an airtight strike call and gets tossed?