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Gamethread: Red Sox at White Sox

In this edition of Exciting September Rebuild Check-In Baseball, Welington Castillo returns in time for Hawk Harrelson Day

Hawk’s Nest: These little doodads are sure to cause some fuss today.
Chicago White Sox

The compelling question for today: Did Schoolly_D arrive in time/stand in line to snag his Hawk nesting dolls? And was there a mini-Methup with he and Lurker Laura?

A pretty sweet video from the White Sox, honoring the Hawk:

It’s been easier to not miss Hawk in these later seasons, but, bottom line, I’ll still miss him.

Also, in honor of Hawk Day, MLB Network reruns its documentary “Hawk: The Colorful Life of Ken Harrelson” tonight at 7 p.m. CST.

Anyway, here’s another highlight today:

And Campbell Soup Kid/Dennis the Menace/rapscallion A.J. Pierzynski joins Hawk Harrelson in the booth today, as part of Hawk Harrelson Day at the ballpark. A.J. has said one of his goals is to get Hawk to cry some during the game. Wouldn’t be surprised if another goal is to get Hawk to cuss on air. Or, once and for all, publicly declare A.J. as his favorite “adopted son” over Paulie Konerko, Darrin Jackson, or any number of other adoptees Hawk has claimed over the years.

So, Welington Castillo is back with the White Sox, proving that, yes, clubhouse mentoring, guidance, leadership and character is an important part of the White Sox rebuild.

Charlotte added a southpaw from the Atlanta Braves org, Tyler Watson. Not sure what that’s about, but I’m too Eloy disheartened at the moment to scope out the Knights roster and see “Jiménez” still on it.

A fun little nugget unearthed today, as well, for those of you who love records and stuff:

So, lineups: