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Six Pack of Stats: White Sox 8, Red Sox 0

James Shields dominated with a strong start on Sunday, earning the game MVP

Fly Like a Hawk: On Hawk Harrelson Day, Chicago’s win expectancy soared.


The overwhelming MVP choice for the game was James Shields, whose six innings of scoreless, four-hit ball yielded a .188 WPA. Second was Kevan Smith, at .108, and getting the place was Tim Anderson, at .087.


Since August 14, the Chicago White Sox are 13-6, a half-game worse than the AL-best Tampa Bay Rays (13-5).


By splitting this four-game set with the best-in-baseball Boston Red Sox, the Chicago White Sox have now gone six straight series without a series loss.


With a late single, Yolmer Sánchez extended his career-high on-base streak to 21 games, and gave Hawk Harrelson brief hope of extending his unbeaten streak in Picks to Click.


At only one point in the game — Xander Bogaerts’ single as the second batter of the game — did the White Sox’s win expectancy fall to less than 50%, at 49.8%.


Daniel Palka’s home run on Sunday — his 20th of the season — had an exit velocity of 112 mph. That was also the estimated velocity of how fast Hawk Harrelson’s Nehru suits went out of style, according to A.J. Pierzynski.