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Six Pack of Stats: White Sox 5, Cleveland 4

A leisurely stroll toward a win for seven innings got very harried from there — but the Good Guys prevailed

Bob and Feint: All that cherry red at the bottom of the graph shows how much high leverage both teams were faced with in the final four innings.


Over the past 56 games leading up to Thursday, Omar Narváez has a .953 OPS. That OPS will increase, as Narváez walked and homered in tonight’s loss.


With the win, the White Sox avoided an all-time worst 0-9 season at Progressive Field. The 2018 team is now tied with 2013 for worst mark, at 1-8.


Cleveland starter Josh Tomlin gave up six hits in just the first 1 13 innings of the game (five singles).


With a double and two singles, Yoán Moncada recorded his seventh three-hit game of the season. He also walked.


There were 11 flips in win expectancy in the game. The White Sox were projected to win from first pitch through one out in the eighth, when Edwin Encarnacion walked without knowing he’d walked. From there, the odds of winning flipped nine more times, with the final flip being Matt Davidson’s RBI single in the 11th.


With “just” 12 strikeouts in the game, the White Sox failed to set the all-time major league record for most consecutive games of 14 or more strikeouts. Over the previous three games, the White Sox had 14, 14 and 15 Ks, tying the 2015 Colorado Rockies, 2016 Baltimore Orioles and 2016 Toronto Blue Jays for the record.