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Bullpen Gamethread: Cleveland at White Sox

If Chicago can throw a bullpen game in the last week of the season, we can write a bullpen recap

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Oakland Athletics
Wait! Right There! I think I see Mechanical Turk!
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

This “bullpen game” was sprung on us late, with word trickling out early today, too late to coordinate a true “bullpen recap” among many South Side Sox writers. But tonight, I will endeavor to write the game recap in the style of many of our beloved writers here. I think I have a handle on everyone in the lineup below. If we go extras, new names could be called on ... and if I’m having particular fun with one writer’s voice, someone could get bumped.

In White Sox medical news, José Abreu is leaving for home after the game and will not play again this season. His leg infection is healing, but slowly. As has already been widely shared, Avisaíl García has been limping since Opening Day, and will have arthroscopic surgery on his knee on October 2. Kevan Smith will be getting ankle surgery at some point in the offseason.

Oh, maybe I should just embed the tweet:

And in a season where he has arguably been the most valuable pitcher on the team, Jace Fry gets his first career start!

I would submit that this is a bad picture of JRam:

And, the highly-anticipated South Side Sox “bullpen recap” (order subject to change):

  1. Brett Ballantini
  2. Year of the Hamster
  3. Michael Kenny
  4. Danks for Nothin
  5. Lurker Laura
  6. KenWo
  7. larry
  8. Darren Jackson
  9. Mechanical Turk