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katiesphil’s provisional Best of 2018

Chicago White Sox v Detroit Tigers
Cap’n José: He’s still the rock.
Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Since there are still a couple of games left, I reserve the right to change my mind, assuming the possibility of an anything “Best” might still happen. I also forget things a lot, so I also reserve the right to decide tomorrow that something I put in here today is not the actual “best.”

White Sox Best of 2018

Best pitcher: Reynaldo López, because he’s now doing things we weren’t sure he could do two months ago.

Best position player: Timmy Anderson, because he simply is.

Best reliever: Jace Fry, because I really hope he earns it next year when there’s more competition for it.

Best defender: Tough between Timmy and Adam Engel, but I’m going to give it to Engel, because he isn’t getting anything else.

Favorite player: Yolmer Sánchez, because in a close race between him and José Abreu, the goofiness beats the charm by a half-step at first.

Overall MVP (hitter or pitcher): José, because he’s still the rock.

Rookie of the Year: Palk, because SMASH.

Breakout star: Yolmer, because he’s actually become a star, if not exactly for his play, per se.

Best single play: Any and all walk-offs, because we need walk-offs.

Best single game: Methup, because I enjoyed it a great deal and the point is “fun.” Also Opening Day and dingers, because there’s more Kenwo in me than I might want to admit.

Prospect you’re most excited for: Hmmmm … let me think ... Dylan Cease, because somebody needs to list somebody other than Eloy Jiménez, even if he is actually the prospect I’m most excited for.

Best nickname, Players’ Weekend or otherwise: Pito, because it should be.

Best rivalry: Herm vs. the DL, because it sadly became a rivalry this season.

Eloy ETA: None too f-ing soon, because, dammit.

Favorite moment of Hawk’s broadcasting career: I honestly can’t say right now, because unless I go with cheap, phony snark, I can’t single out one particular moment or call, and I don’t want to go with cheap, phony snark since, because as much as I’ve developed a dislike of him over the past three or four years, he doesn’t deserve my dissing him. He’s better than that, and I would like to be.

Best promotion/innovation/development: Thome Day, because of just the right amount of sentiment and Woo Hoo. And I genuinely like the bobblehead, even thought it really looks nothing like him.