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Brett’s Best of 2018

Chicago White Sox v Cleveland Indians
TA All the Way: Not only was Anderson the best White Sox player of 2018, he was the only guy on last year’s roster who showed measurable improvement.
Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

White Sox Best of 2018

Best pitcher: Reynaldo López

Best position player: Tim Anderson

Best reliever: Jace Fry

Best defender: Adam Engel

Favorite player: Reynaldo López

Overall MVP (hitter or pitcher): Tim Anderson

Rookie of the Year: Jace Fry

Breakout star: Daniel Palka, as much for his personality and fan following as his team-leading home run barrage.

Best single play: There are probably quite a few, but that Palka oppo homer to beat Cleveland (right, or was it Detroit?) at Sox Park, on that outside pitch he just clubbed out to left, jumps to mind first. Honorable mention, Engel stealing homers vs. the Yanquis in two consecutive games.

Best single game: The blowout of the Cubs in the recent series opener was pretty nice, as was the Dylan Covey Game in Boston, but I’ll stick with Opening Day in Kansas City, with the sweet, sweet barrage of homers, and the idea that the season could be more wondrous than anticipated.

Prospect you’re most excited for: Is this a trick question? E.J.

Best nickname, Players’ Weekend or otherwise: How is it that Yolmer doesn’t have a nickname? He’s the goofiest guy in the majors, and yet we call him Yolmer, and his PW nickname is his hometown or whatever. Man of Steal fits better if Adam was a better player. We can’t even agree on one for Palka. Some I’m going to pick the decidedly goofy “Big Foot” for Giolito.

Best rivalry: I’m gonna say Royals, because it’s remained heated, and they are playing at our level, so it’s a fair rivalry, as opposed to Cleveland or the northsiders.

Eloy ETA: June 1 (or whatever figures to be a safe “service time” date, barf)

Favorite moment of Hawk’s broadcasting career: I’m not going to pick a moment, but a catch phrase. I always liked it when he poked fun at Wimpy (and maybe even DJ, for a while?): “I love it when you analyze.” There was a sense of affection and humor in that. We’ve missed that affection in Hawk for so long now, pretty much all of the Stoney and DJ years.

Best promotion/innovation/development: This is a really tough one to choose, because I love the absurdity of Yolmer’s various Gatorade celebrations. But I’m going to go with the home run medallion, because it’s more team-oriented, and the medallion with the Veeck logo is swaggy and kickass.