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katiesphil’s non-refundable worst of WSB 2018

Chicago White Sox v Kansas City Royals
Is Welington: 1) Lounging after another error 2) Contemplating future supplements 3) Wondering whether he should signed with the Orioles after all 4) Devising next spring’s hazing rituals for Seby and Zack
Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

White Sox Worst of 2018

Worst pitcher: Carson Fulmer, because you all know why

Worst position player: Trayce Thompson, because while I don’t like the idea of bashing a seemingly nice kid and good guy, he made it virtually impossible to remember why people got so excited a couple of years back

Worst reliever: Bruce Rondón, because he was bad, but for some obscure, probably Cleuluis-related reason, I wanted him to be good.

Worst defender: Omar Narváez, because it’s so frustrating to like his offensive development so much only to see it thwarted by his D. He and Eloy need to be working out together this winter. Eloy can practice his routes by chasing Omar’s throws to second.

Least favorite player: Welington Castillo, because I was very much behind signing him and thought he would bring some stability — and instead he blithely sawed off the table legs.

Worst acquisition: Castillo - see above

Worst single play: Danny Farquhar’s last pitch

Worst single game: All of the ones that made me sigh and change the channel prior to the 6th inning.

Prospect you’re most disappointed by: Rick Hahn, because while he still shows some promise, it seems like his decision-making development took a step or two backward this season.

Worst moment of Hawk’s broadcasting career: Whenever it was he signed his most recent contract.

Worst promotion/innovation/development: Ks, because I really hate Ks, especially a forced diet of them.