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Gamethread: The End of the Line

Will the White Sox avoid 100 losses? Will Dylan Covey make it out of the first inning? Will this agonizing season ever end?

Detroit Tigers v Minnesota Twins
Thank You Sir May I? José Rondón just yesterday provided some kind of visual metaphor for the 2018 season, just don’t expect me to figure out what it is.
Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Major league baseball conspired to have all games start at the same time today, so that even fewer people than normal will care about the final Chicago White Sox game of the season. But we care. That’s why we’re here, struggling through what is almost guaranteed to be the worst season of any of our lifetimes. (Even those of you who were fans in 1970, don’t fret, 2018 may yet still equal that futility!)

Scary too, the White Sox have lost their last five season finales.

I’m over criticizing the lineups. Wait, nah, I can dig deep once more: Welington Castillo starting again is just the cherry on top of this master blaster of disaster season we’ve had.

Minnesota Twins fans have more than just the mild disappointment of being one of the worst second-place teams in baseball history. They are grappling with the possible loss of an all-time Twins great, Joe Mauer. Mauer has been cagey about whether 2018 is his final season, and that alone is a tell, for a “Minnesota Nice” guy who is also probably “Minnesota Honest,” he may be hanging ’em up. Don’t like how he beat hell out of the White Sox, sure hated his interminable trips to the mound when he played catcher, but cap-tip to a man who should one day be in the Hall of Fame.

I believe this is a bullpen game for the Twins, so don’t read too much into a hurler with terrible numbers getting the ball in this one. We have our own hurlers with terrible numbers as well, remember.