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Meet the Players: katiesphil

Grizzled Vet: katiesphil opts to bring a little poetry into our baseball lives, and if that ain’t your thing, perhaps SSS ain’t your thing.
Universal History Archive/Getty Images
Alternate Wit, Man: When not whiskered, KP assumes the form of War Piglet.

katiesphil has hopped on for some occasional writing here at SSS, tackling some of the more esoteric, off-field and downright funny subjects in and around baseball. Somewhat to that end, he has launched our SSS Literary Supplement, first with a review of Hawk Harrelson’s latest autobiography, and doubling the works on the shelf today with a look at George Plimpton’s early 1960s work, Out of My League.

Another aspect of KP’s life here on site is his relentless positivity and optimism. When the room gets a bit quiet, count on him to pop up with an attaboy for a player or piece or writing. When the room gets a little rough, he’s among the leaders who helps smooth things out. I don’t have to tell you — but I will — that both endeavors are greatly appreciated within an interweb baseball discussion group, whether or not the team the discussion group is focused on is hurtling headstrong toward 100 losses.

Meet the Players: Quick Hits

Name: katiesphil (real name: Husband of Katie)

Hometown: Carmel, Ind. (born Noblesville, Ind.)

White Sox fan since: 1967, in general / 2003 in specific

First White Sox memory: Maternal grandfather bringing me and siblings up to our first MLB game, at Comiskey, in 1967, but sadly remember nothing more specific about the game other than being very happy and excited.

Favorite White Sox memory: Wife bought us tickets, spur of the moment for our anniversary, and we attended the Mark Buehrle perfect game.

Favorite White Sox player: Wilbur Wood

Next White Sox statue: If I had my way, Wilbur Wood. If I had my second way, Nancy Faust. If I had to put money on it, Mark Buehrle and I’d be OK with it.

Next White Sox retired number: 76

Go-to concession food at Sox Park: Jumbo dog, with grilled onions

Favorite baseball movie, and why: Fear Strikes Out – despite his laughably bad baseball skills on display, Tony Perkins gives a stellar performance as a young man falling apart under pressure and finding grace on the field. Bad simulated baseball, terrific movie.

South Side Sox on the field: 3B in my younger days. 1B with current knees and feet.

True or false: Every jumbled pile of person has a thinking part that wonders what the part that isn’t thinking isn’t thinking of. False – it’s constantly thinking about pastrami.