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Gamethread: Angels at White Sox

Today has been a very bad day

Detroit Tigers v Chicago White Sox
The Natural: OK, so it’s not Roy Hobbs getting shot by a suicidal stalker in a Chicago hotel, but goddam, Michael Kopech succumbing to TJS is a helluva gut punch.
Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Ahoy-hoy, all! Anybody else already drunk yet?

September 7 is the day 23 years ago I first took my future wife out on a date, to the now-demolished former state landmark, the Half Day Inn. We were in fact out celebrating a bit when this news came down (and major cap doff to Michael Kenny for his quick post ahead of “everybody” else).

So for me, Michael Kopech TJS Day can only scar my day on the surface. And as I said in the injury story thread, how we react to adversity like this says a lot about who we are as Chicago White Sox fans. It’s a tribute to SSS that we respond rationally, even optimistically, albeit salted with the many tears of lost seasons past, to news like today’s.

But, enough of my yakkin’: Let’s boogie!

Tonight’s lineups for the post-wake ballgame tonight:

Am I crazy, or has Nicky Delmonico hit from every spot in the lineup this season? Let’s take a look ... OK, holy crap, this is funny. I just looked it up, and Delmonico has hit in every spot in the lineup this year ... except No. 3. Tonight, Ricky Renteria takes care of that for Delmonico.

Crazy-ass, TJS-needing Shohei Ohtani hitting fifth tonight. Carlos Rodón has his work cut out for him against that heart of the order tonight, but maybe he’s got a little extra in him, for brother Michael.