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Gamethread: Angels at White Sox

Watch two superstars on Halfway to St. Patrick’s Day

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Chicago White Sox
The Sho-Hei Kid: Shohei Ohtani hit his 19th home run last night.
Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports

Shohei Ohtani is a 24-year-old who’s hitting like Aaron Judge and made 10 starts pitching like Charlie Morton. Shohei Ohtani is really good. He’s lived up to the hype and well exceeded more reasonable expectations. I know he plays for the opposing team, but I thought we needed to take a moment to appreciate how legit he is.

Ohtani is batting fourth tonight for the Angels, right behind the best player in the universe. Speaking of Mike Trout, he’s amassed another 8.1 WAR so far this year, putting him at 62.9 for his career, a month after his 27th birthday. Wanna see some players he’s passed this year?

Ted Lyons, Vladimir Guerrero, Lance Berkman, Jack Morris, Robin Ventura, Fred McGriff, Bobby Bonds, Keith Hernandez, Jim Palmer, Andre Dawson, Dave Winfield, Sammy Sosa, Ryne Sandburg, Juan Marichal, Dick Allen, Gary Sheffield, Joe Torre, Bob Feller, Kenny Lofton.

James Shields will be pitching to both of these guys tonight. This might be a good night to just be a fan of baseball and watch the magic happen.