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Six Pack of Stats: Angels 12, White Sox 3

Like it needs be said: Mike Trout routed the MVP voting

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Chicago White Sox
Yeah, But He’s Boring: Want to know how to measure a real baseball fan? If the fan is bored by Mike Trout, move on.
Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports


Mike Trout was the overwhelming MVP of the game tonight, with a .296 WPA. The Angels team WPA was .296, meaning every other offensive player in the game offset one another, and the sum total in this nine-run win was: Trout.


Kevan Smith, who was 2-for-4 tonight with a double and an RBI, is now 8-for-16 over his last six games.


Mike Trout has reached base in 22-of-29 plate appearances vs. the Chicago White Sox this year, a .759 on-base percentage. His 5-for-5 game on Saturday was the second of his career.


The 12-3 loss was the fourth in a row for the White Sox, and is the first time in two months that the team has lost four in a row. (Chicago dropped six straight from July 4 to 10.)


The loss dropped James Shields to 6-16 on the season. Theoretically, Shields has four starts left in 2018, so a 20-loss season is still in reach.


With six earned off of nine hits in just 4 13 innings, Shields clocked in with a 17 game score, the second-lowest of his season. (Shields snagged a 15 on July 25.)