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White Sox avoid arbitration with four players

Abreu, Colomé, Rodón, Sánchez all settle; club spends $100,000 more than projected

Kansas City Royals v Chicago White Sox
Millonarios: This pair were among four to settle on new contracts with the White Sox on Friday.
Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

On Friday, the Chicago White Sox reached agreements with all four of their remaining arbitration-eligible players.

The biggest contract went to José Abreu, who is in his last arbitration-eligible year. He receives a one-year, $16 million deal, and will become a free agent at the end of 2019. MLBTR projected arbitration salary: $16 million

Newcomer Alex Colomé fared well, agreeing to a $7,325,000 contract as one of Chicago’s closer designates. MLBTR projected arbitration salary: $7.3 million

Yolmer Sánchez, who actually won an arbitration hearing with the White Sox a year ago after the two sides couldn’t tie up a difference of a couple hundred thousand dollars, agreed to a $4,625,000 contract. MLBTR projected arbitration salary: $4.7 million (see, the Sox got 75 grand back this year, baby!)

Carlos Rodón was the one White Sox player who got a nice bump over his projected arbitration salary, agreeing to a $4.2 million deal. This could be some further nice-nice with Scott Boras, who reps both Rodón and Bryce Harper. MLBTR projected arbitration salary: $3.7 million

The fifth Beatle in this exercise is Leury García, who agreed to a $1.55 million deal way back in November. MLBTR projected arbitration salary: $1.9 million

All told, the White Sox were expected to owe $33.6 million per MLBTR had they gone to arbitration, and now are paying these five players a collective $33.7 in avoiding the process. That’s a smart 100 grand to spend, White Sox.