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Meet the Players: Dan Victor

Sebylievers: Dan is devoted to spreading the gospel according to Zavala.

As we head toward another season of Chicago White Sox baseball, as well as approach the one-year anniversary of a little different editorial direction for South Side Sox, I’m back to work at pumping up the lineup in anticipation of a big 2019.

The first addition is Daniel Victor, who has his first piece appearing on the site today. Dan is a lifelong White Sox fan now in North Carolina, where he will join Tiffany Wintz (TiffW96) in providing terrific coverage of the Kannapolis Intimidators and others in the White Sox system.

I’ve just gotten to know Dan, but by sheer coincidence he is now the fourth member of the masthead to have come of White Sox age right around the time of the South Side Hit Men. And when it comes to a sweet baseball man cave, he’s a go-to guy. If you’re tailgaiting in Kannapolis, hit our new guy up!

Meet the Players: Quick Hits

Name: Daniel Victor

Hometown: Denver, N.C. by way of Crown Point, Ind.

White Sox fan since: Late 70’s

First White Sox memory: Going to see a game in 1978 at Comiskey Park against the K.C. Royals. I grew up idolizing George Brett. Standing next to the field during the pregame stretch, Dan Quisenberry walked over and gave me my first in-person autograph.

Favorite White Sox memory: So many, but remarkably, the 2005 World Series isn’t at the top of the list.

I remember a 1983 game in which the Bull, Greg Luzinski, hit a rooftop grand slam, and the place got so loud it felt like it was going to crumble to the ground. When Nancy Faust started playing Na-Na-Na-Na as the pitcher walked off, it got even louder.

I remember another game where Toronto’s Dave Stieb was throwing a no-no into the ninth inning, and he gave up back-to-back home runs. Stieb exited for a relief pitcher, who was summarily greeted by a third consecutive homer.

Also, Joe Cowley’s seven-walk no-hitter at the California Angels (Cowley’s last win in the big leagues). So many baseball memories.

Favorite White Sox player: Frank Thomas

Favorite name for a Sox player: Bill Naharodny [Ed. note: Incidentally, the current SSS ME’s first in-person autograph.]

Favorite farmhands: Seby Zavala and Luis Curbelo

Next White Sox statue: Luke Appling or Shoeless Joe Jackson (they seem to be overdue)

Next White Sox retired number: It’s going to be awhile, but Eloy Jiménez

Go-to concession food at Sox Park: Hot dog (naked) with burn marks, nachos loaded with jalapeños

Favorite baseball movie: The Natural, for three reasons ... Pop Fisher, the showdown between Roy and The Whammer, and of course the lights-out home run at the end.

South Side Sox on the field: Slugging right fielder and third-place hitter.