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Goosed: Ballpark sections 106 and 107 become an island

As the temperature tumbles toward zero, sit back and imagine sipping a beer in muggy August, with the sounds of the sea ballpark wafting through the air ...

The big announcement lurching out of fun and vibrant SoxFest ’19 wasn’t the signing of Manny Machado, or any of those “four” (Rick, you tease!) transactions the front office is feverishly grinding out.

Nope, the Chicago White Sox on Monday acquired a goose — The Goose Island section at the ballpark.

Now, Chicago is not synonymous with the island life, by any stretch — but that hasn’t stopped the club from forging ahead with an innovative cut-out of Sections 106 and 107 (at the foul pole field right, and visiting bullpen field left).

The two sections, formerly featuring normal ballpark seating, with bar stool seats in front, now will be made up completely of a sort of movie-theater stadium seating and in-seat service. To enhance the island vibe, flowing water will run on all sides of the section, with the characteristic goose head (as the White Sox release terms it, “10-foot Goose Island tap handle statute (sic),” standing proudly at back center.

It is not yet confirmed, but presumed that fans sitting in any of the 326 seats in the section will not have to swim through the water troughs to access other parts of the ballpark.

Per the White Sox, the rows closest to the field are the money seats:

The first few rows of “The Goose Island” will provide a modernized experience for fans with leather cushion seats complete with armrests and cup holders, device charging ports, television screens and shelves for storage. Seats for this area include in-seat service and $20 of loaded value with each ticket to be spent in-park on food, beverages or merchandise from the White Sox.

“It feels like a dream come true to bring Goose Island to the pride of the South Side,” Todd Ahsmann, president of Goose Island Beer Co., said in the release. “I’ve been a huge fan my entire life and can’t wait to celebrate in this new space. With great beer and promising team on the field, what’s not to look forward to?”

Fired up? Cool. For more information about “The Goose Island” and how to secure seats in the new space, call (312) 674-1000 or visit