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Fall Stars Game: Rutherford and Johnson represent

A single for Blake and a K for Tyler made Saturday’s loss a little easier

Stuck in the middle: That’s where you’ll find the two White Sox reps, Tyler Johnson and Blake Rutherford, who did well in Saturday’s AFL Fall Stars Game.

AFL East Fall Stars 4, AFL West Fall Stars 2

Blake Rutherford (ph-DH) 1-for-2
Tyler Johnson (rp, 6th) IP, K, 11 pitches/six strikes

All in all, it wasn’t a bad game for the White Sox stars. Rutherford, who was voted on by fans as the last member of the West team, entered the game in the sixth and grounded out. But in the ninth, with two outs and the West’s fortunes fading, Blake slapped a single to center, bringing the tying run to the plate.

On the mound, Johnson reverted to his scoreless ways, shaking off his very first earned run all fall in his last outing for the Desert Dogs. With a strikeout, fly out and ground out, Johnson was perfect.

Glendale returns to action at Mesa on Monday afternoon.