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Gamethread: Nationals at Astros (World Series Game 1)

On paper, a mismatch ... but the games aren’t played on paper

2019 World Series Workout Day Photo by Alex Trautwig/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Hey hey, it’s Game 1 of the World Series today!

But first, let’s skim back 14 years to see what was going on in the world on this day ... dunno, maybe, in the ... World Series?

The whole, daggone, delightful thing.

For those of you with less patience, or actual desire to watch today’s World Series (pfft), some highlights:

I was there with my dad and my uncle, behind home plate, near Nancy Faust, in some pretty ritzy Friend of Jerry seats. It was pure delight, my goodness. Even the wintry mix pregame. One day, on the South Side Hit Pen YouTube channel, I’ll upload my shaky videos from the playoffs.

Your memories of Game 1, SSS?

Oh yeah, there’s a game tonight, 7 p.m. FOX:

Could the Nats lineup be any wonkier? Eaton batting second, Asdrúbal Cabrera (who indeed is still in baseball) sixth, Kurt Suzuki (!) eighth. Wow. Max Scherzer pitches for Washington.

Will Houston somehow be distracted by the despicable “pro-domestic violence” controversy that broke out post-pennant? I admit, I hope so.

Future free agent the White Sox won’t get close enough to to whiff on, Gerrit Cole, starts for Houston.