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Gamethread: Nationals at Astros (World Series Game 2)

Houston tries to avoid a two-game hole while facing ... gulp ... Stephen Strasburg

World Series - Washington Nationals v Houston Astros - Game One
Spectatin’: When your home run-hop becomes a two-bag flop.
Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Because this Game 2 falls on the exact same day as “our” Game 2 in 2005, let’s lead off again with some White Sox highlights from 14 years ago:

Paulie’s grand slam that turned everything around in the seventh:

Scotty Pods to the rescue:

Overall highlights of a “lost classic”:

And hey, for those of us not too down with aggressively targeting and taunting female reporters in the middle of a locker room celebration, the underdog Nationals knocked off the Astros last night in a nail-biter. It’s another good pitching matchup tonight, so perhaps we’ll have another classic!

For those old-schoolers, let’s take another look at George Springer’s Easter Bunny act down the first-base line on last night’s “double” that landed the tying run on second base and not third:

Stephen Strasburg pitching.

Grandpa Justin pitching.

Gametime 7:07, FOX!