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Gamethread: Astros at Nationals (World Series Game 4)

Frankly, who cares about tonight’s game when it’s the 14th anniversary of the most important day of our White Sox lives

Houston Astros v Chicago White Sox
Thanks, guys: Goose bumps just remembering it all.
Photo by Ron Vesely/MLB Photos via Getty Images

All right, before we get to tonight’s game, the last of the B.T. era, let’s revisit what’s really important about October 26, and forever will be:

My day was bittersweet, actually. In the afternoon, I got a call from my publishers at Triumph Books, telling me that because Phil Rogers wanted to write a book about the 2005 season, the book I’d been talking to them about all summer, sold them on (“the White Sox have to at least make the World Series for us to publish it,” they said), had written and shared considerable excerpts of (and they loved it), was not going to be published.

If not for the urging of the eminently badass Year of the Hamster, I would have dropped the whole thing in disgust (as it happened, Triumph gave me the throwaway assignment of an Ozzie book instead). At that point it was too late to shop around what I’d written (Richard Roeper’s book combining White Sox history, personal recollections and 2005 had a similar spirit), so, lesson learned — don’t take business calls on the day your team can clinch a World Series.

How about you guys? Where were you when the White Sox won it all? Feel free to liven up our quiet comments section with some memories.

As for the last game B.T., here’s how it should shape up for the teams:

Tonight has to be the weirdest pitching matchup of the Series, with Patrick Corbin (a legit starter who nonetheless already has relieved in the World Series) for Washington vs. José Urquidy, who I have legit never heard of (he looks mighty fine, however).

Gametime, 7 p.m. on FOX. Enjoy some White Sox memories until then.