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ALDS Gamethread: Astros vs. Rays

Come on, Rays, bring us another Game 5

Minnesota Twins play the New York Yankees in Game 3 of the ALDS
Sorry, kids: If it makes you feel any better, everybody else hates the Yankees, too.
Photo by Leila Navidi/Star Tribune via Getty Images

You know, I wouldn’t mind the Minnesota Twins beating the White Sox so frequently since 2003 if they didn’t always lose to the Yankees in the first playoff round. I mean, if you’re going to beat us, do something for cryin’ out loud. Put up a fight at least. Yeesh.

Anyway, there’s another ALDS still going on. Houston leads the series 2-1. Let’s all become Tampa Bay fans tonight, because Game 5s are awesome.

Justin Verlander vs. Diego Castillo. I don’t give much hope to the Rays, but then again, the White Sox took the season series from the ‘Stros 4-2, so stranger things have literally happened in very recent memory.