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Boras endorsement: VERY NICE!

Players look at the White Sox in a very different way, than they did two years ago, sez superagent

New York Mets v Miami Marlins
Quick with a quip: Boras dominated the offseason for day, dispensing one-liners at the GM Meetings.
Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Scott Boras, who once chewed out our managing editor over a supposed multi-year deal for Joe Crede that never materialized and set SSS aflame for a day, weighed in on a lot of stuff today, during his annual State of Scott Boras (and some of his players) Address.

Encouragingly, his comments on the White Sox were not bitter and spiteful:

His full quote:

They have a lot of great young talent. It’s a great city. Certainly players look at the White Sox in a very different way than they did two years ago, no question.

Boras had lunch recently with Angels owner Arte Moreno, so cross Gerrit Cole out of your offseason plans (I’m joking?).

But still:

Other quips:

(in reference to one of his catch phrases today, “competitive hibernation,” which is his colorful take on tanking)

(even as a wild overestimation, you’d think these sorts of metrics might motivate the guy with the checkbook on the South Side)

In other news, Rick Hahn spoke again to the media, issuing some boilerplate stuff about converting on some veterans to complement the young core. (Based on last offseason, boilerplate quotes are the recommended avenue for the White Sox front office ... at least until the White Sox convert on somebody.)