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Maxed out!

White Sox add seven players, swelling the 40-man roster to full capacity

Just made it: In all likelihood, Charlotte relief pitcher Matt Foster was the final addition to the 40-man roster on Wednesday.
Phrake Photography/South Side Sox
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OK, well, there was more mystery over how many players the White Sox would add to their 40-man roster than who, but still, we did nail the list pretty well yesterday:

So, based on the priority list above, and protecting all five “vulnerable” guys, that leaves a maximum of seven spots on the 40-man roster. Filling the 40-man means that Foster would be the last man protected.

But, anyway, yeah, the White Sox went whole hog and protected their max available seven players without trimming any of the vulnerables (getting on our last nerve, Mr. Covey), taking the 33-man roster up to 40.

So, the lucky seven are:

Dane Dunning
Blake Rutherford
Bernardo Flores
Yermín Mercedes
Zack Burdi
Jimmy Lambert
Matt Foster

Only Mercedes and Foster are unranked among MLB Pipeline’s Top 30 White Sox players.

The additions leave this plausible but falling-just-short list of guys vulnerable to teams for the Rule 5 draft next month:

Kyle Kubat
Alec Hansen
Ti’Quan Forbes
Zach Thompson
Joel Booker
Danny Dopico