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Super Stats Pack: Team Stats (Final 2019)

While power and speed took a hit, a 10-win improvement means very few worst-in-league marks (thankfully)

Cleveland Indians v Chicago White Sox Photo by Ron Vesely/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Once again, although the feature was largely ignored this season, we’re trotting the Super Stats Pack out for a series of five year-end roundups.

Tonight, it’s team stats.

Now, it seems the last time I ran this out, it was somewhere around midseason or two-thirds through 2018. So “last rank” really doesn’t have a lot of bearing or merit here, aside from taking a really broad-stroke look at things.

As you’d imagine, with the team jumping ahead 10 wins from 2018, most of the team numbers here were improvements. However, given we’re talking about just a 72-win team, there’s a lot of room to grow.