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White Sox Rumors: [insert bad Price is Right pun here]

David Price, several semi-trucks full of elbow ice, and prime talent as a sweetener may be available from Boston

Chicago White Sox v Boston Red Sox
New Price: Is not the Price of old, but a guy who’s a reliably safe bet for 20 starts and a 4.00 ERA.
Photo by Kathryn Riley/Getty Images

We shoot for Marcell Ozuna ... the White Sox deliver Nomar Mazara.

We shoot for Dallas Keuchel, Hyun-Jin Ryu or Madison Bumgarner ... the White Sox deliver ... David Price?

Could be, if you’re to believe the scuttle out there about the next White Sox trade target.

Price, due $96 million over the last three years of his contract, could only come to Chicago with considerable salary relief from Boston, given his production over the past three, injury-riddled seasons: 68 starts, 3.75 ERA, 7.8 bWAR.

Unless ...

The Red Sox, with a mission of cutting bucks from their overly swelled roster, might not be too keen to eat much salary. In which case, perhaps a J.D. Martinez hops into the sidecar alongside Price. Or Jackie Bradley Jr.? Andrew Benintendi?

There is no way, even if Rick Hahn became possessed with the Alex Rios-loving spirit of his boss, Ken Williams, the White Sox take on all that dough. After all, Hahn just reminded us all (again) that “the money will be spent” — just not all in one place:

“It would be awfully foolish to say we’re going to go out and spend whatever the amount of the [Manny Machado] offer was immediately,” he told reporters in San Diego. “The point of that comment was there’s other ways for us to allocate this money, and it’s going to be allocated toward player acquisitions.”

Lawyerly, yes. A promise to snag a declining ex-Cy Young Award winner at full price, no.

Hopefully, there is still some White Sox transaction-action to come this Winter Meetings beyond just uttering “pass” during the Rule 5 draft tomorrow. Stay tuned.