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Get yer Kid Keuchy gear!

The latest Breaking T-SSS joint welcomes the bearded baby

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Breaking T and South Side Sox have again teamed up to bring you groovy White Sox wear. Celebrating the second-biggest free agent acquisition of the offseason, we present KID KEUCHY:

Available in all sizes, T-shirt or hoodie.

And there’s still time to reel in that top free agent prize, Yaz We Can:

Tim Anderson’s STICK TALK and Eloy Jiménez’s Pinwheel Power are also still available, and all purchases leave a bill in the tip jar for South Side Sox.

And the news gets better: Breaking T has a site-wide sale through the end of the year! Get 19% off everything with discount code BYE19. No minimum! Nothing excluded!

The code expires on Wednesday, January 1, at 9:59 p.m. CT

Thanks as always for your support with our gear sales though Breaking T!