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South Side skinnies: February 18

One simple issue in the skinnies today: How should we continue to cover the Manny nonsense?

World Series - Boston Red Sox v Los Angeles Dodgers - Game Five
Welcome, Manny? Month Four of Mannywatch has yielded nothing — unless you count a newfound lack of respect for “reporting.”
Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Pitchers and catchers fully reported, games beginning Saturday, and, yet ... we’d all rather be even more excited about the coming season.


Well, you see, there’s the little matter of baseball’s unresolved hot stovery, which encourages bored “insiders” jonesing for follows to go off on a bender. Witness Sunday night’s “Best of Jon Heyman”:

And it’s not to indict only Heyman, although I must say his finishing kick in the second half of this offseason (the 2019 part) has been truly beyond measure for inanity and nothingness. Padres beat AJ Cassavell piled on, with a fairy tale:

And the locals threw in as well, with the Sun-Times and Trib both whipping up Machado-to-San Diego quickies, along with the news desk at NBC:

So, I’ve tipped my hand here. I think you can tell how I’m leaning on this. But despite the “pledge” above, here I am, hours later, talking Manny.

But the exhaustion of following this harried, hackneyed reporting and writing belies a larger question: How do we report these (non-) stories?

I would like your take in the comments. It’s negligent to just turn backs on a story, especially one that could have decade (positive) ramifications on the White Sox. But what’s too much?