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2019 White Sox broadcast schedule

And hey, just for fun, let’s project the season record!

Last week, the Chicago White Sox released their broadcast schedule for the season. So let’s review the schedule as a whole, as well as the specifics of this season’s broadcasts.

Where to watch the White Sox

Every game will be televised, naturally, including 57 games next season as free, over-the-air broadcasts.

  • NBC Sports Chicago will televise 106 White Sox games in 2019, including both Opening Days (visiting Opening Day on March 28 at the Kansas City Royals, at 3:15 p.m., and the home opener on April 4 vs. the Seattle Mariners, at 1:10 p.m). The other highlight game carried by NBC Sports Chicago will be at the Chicago Cubs on June 19 (7:05 p.m.).
  • WGN-TV will air 55 White Sox games this season, beginning on March 31 at Kansas City (1:15 p.m.). WGN-TV also will televise two White Sox-Cubs contests, on June 18 (7:05 p.m.) at Wrigley Field and July 7 at Sox Park (1:10 p.m.).
  • The White Sox will be nationally broadcast three times in 2019. On April 1, ESPN broadcasts the White Sox game at Cleveland (3:10 p.m., and locally available on WGN-TV). On July 6, FOX broadcasts the Cubs at White Sox game on July 6 (6:15 p.m.). A week later, on July 13, Fox Sports 1 broadcasts the White Sox at Oakland A’s (3:07 p.m., and locally available on NBC Sports Chicago).
  • All out-of-market White Sox games also are available live via MLB.TV.

Where to listen to the White Sox

  • WGN (720 AM) will broadcast all 162 regular season games. Ed Farmer (play-by-play) and former outfielder Darrin Jackson (analyst) will enjoy their 11th season together.
  • WRTO/Univision (1200 AM) will broadcast all 81 White Sox home games. Héctor Molina (play-by-play) and Billy Russo (color analyst) man the booth.

White Sox month-by-month


The White Sox open with five on the road, at Kansas City and Cleveland, March 28-April 3. The longest road trip of the month is seven games, at the Detroit Tigers and Baltimore Orioles, April 18-24. The longest homestand is 10 games, hosting the Tigers, Orioles and Boston Red Sox, April 26-May 5.

That’s right, for an ungodly 13 games in the second half of April, the White Sox will be celebrating all that is Quadruple-A baseball, exclusively battling the detritus that is Detroit and Baltimore.

Projected record 12-17


The White Sox have two seven-game road trips in April, at Cleveland and the Toronto Blue Jays on May 6-12 and at the Houston Astros and Minnesota Twins May 20-26. The longest homestand is the 10-gamer mentioned above.

The quirky schedule that saw the White Sox play essentially all of their games vs. Baltimore in April, every game vs. Toronto gets played in May this season.

Projected record 12-19

Season record 24-36


The White Sox have a an eight-game road trip in June, although just six are outside of the city: June 18-26 at the Cubs, Texas Rangers and Boston. The longest homestand is a 10-gamer that extends into July, June 28-July 7 hosting the Twins, Tigers and Cubs.

It’s a languid month for the White Sox, with just 24 games and six off-days.

Projected record 7-17

Season record 30-53


The White Sox have just one road trip in July, but it’s a whopping, 10-game coast-to-coaster, July 12-21 at Oakland, Kansas City and the Tampa Bay Rays. Two 10-game homestands bookend the month, the Minny-Detroit-Cubs stand that leads into the All-Star Game on July 9, and a Miami Marlins-Twins-New York Mets run from July 22-August 1.

In addition to the weird coast-to-coast roadie assigned the White Sox, there’s a strange Florida combo: July 19-21 in Tampa, followed immediately by the Marlins in Chicago July 22-24.

Projected record 12-12

Season record 42-65


There’s a seven-game road trip August 15-21, starting out in Anaheim and hitting the Twins on the way home. It’s offset by a seven-game homestand August 22-29, taking on Minny and Texas.

Mid-month is particularly rough as the dog days set in, with consecutive series against Oakland, Houston and the Angels.

Projected record 12-17

Season record 54-82


There’s one last smack in the face for the White Sox, a 10-game final road trip September 13-22, covering three time zones at the Seattle Mariners, Minnesota and Detroit. Two six-game homestands are the best to come in the final month of the season, hosting the Angels and Royals September 6-12, and the final season stretch, hosting Cleveland and the Tigers September 24-29.

Projected record 11-15

Season record 65-97

This hot mess of a roster, improving three games on last season? Seems about right.