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Gamethread: White Sox at Mariners

Brother Luke faces King Felix in February’s last game

MLB: Chicago White Sox-Media Day
Ma’am, I hear you need a gunslinger in these here parts? Name’s Giolito. Lucas Giolito.
Allan Henry-USA TODAY Sports
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Seems the Jon Jay leadoff/Yoán Moncada No. 2 is getting some traction early on. Given that the metrics say the No. 2 spot should be occupied by your best hitter (and switch-hitting flexibility should break all ties), it’s a heady assignment for the young fella. But I like it.

James McCann also seems to be popping up regularly in the five slot. I like that less, but to be fair, McCann has been putting bat on ball this spring.

I believe this is a Gameday-only follow, with no Chicago radio or TV/web feeds.

Future chuckers, per Daryl. Interesting early development, with Manny Bañuelos getting a side session tomorrow, while Dylan Covey is right back into game action, relieving on Saturday. Tea leaving says Covey is currently No. 6 or 7 in the fifth starter’s race — or that I’m drinking too much tea, way too early.

More information on today’s game.