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Preview of coming attractions

On the one-year anniversary of regime change, let’s unfurl the future, as SSS Mach 3 motors into 2019

Every once in awhile it seems a good time to check in and let everybody know what’s coming. Start of February, three weeks from games, a lotta offseason transactions still to be transacted ... hey, things are hopping. No different here at South Side Sox.

Look up

OK, so I finally learned how to, and executed, a revamp of the banner above, with the FANPOST headers, etc. It’s all fairly self-evident, but I’d like to point out one click-down of particular interest and pride, EXCLUSIVES. It’s a collection of 18 — yeah, 18 — new departments we’ve put together for the site in the past year. Leading off the list is the SSS White Sox Hall of Fame, a tab which will lead you to voting results and, once we get ’em rolling out, all the “plaques” commemorating winners for the first two elections.

The banner isn’t perfect, there’s some clunky stuff that sorta has to be there, and a few things missing that still need to find a home somewhere. And I recognize that many of you, if searching for a story or player, are still just gonna type into your browser bar and see what comes up. But the banner was due for a tweaking.

I’ll also plan on doing a bit more with tagging, particularly players — it’s not something SSS ever did before, but I’d like to drill down enough so that even with gamers, where if Daniel Palka hits three homers, he’s sure to be tagged so that a search of Palka on site will generate that game recap.

Thoughts and suggestions on header categories, site navigation? As always, drop a comment.

South Side Sox Top 100

So beyond larry’s traditional preseason and midseason prospect picks, and last year’s prospect polling, SSS has never really done anything by way of prospect listing.

That’s going to change this year, and in a big way. whisoxman20051917 signaled the start of the process by profiling not 100, not 200, but 204 (!) White Sox prospects in his Deep Dive series (yeah, you can click the link here or try out the header category above!), a Herculean effort as badass as it was insane. Lotta sites out there making Top 30 or 50 or Prospect Week claims, but ain’t nobody profiled 200 White Sox prospects in the span of an offseason series.

Anyway, wsm’s Deep Dive launches us into our first SSS Top 100 prospects, beginning on Monday.

South Side Sox Top 50

While the staff’s Top 100 countdown gets underway on Monday, tracing No. 100 all the way to No. 1, we’ll also begin our reader poll to White Sox Top 50 prospects. (And with each selection made, the SSS hive mind will cast a vote in the Top 100, as well.)

Last year, we ended up counting down 42 prospects, as part of a polling process that saw us run a prospects poll, roster ranking, and most essential White Sox poll. We’ll cut that down a bit this year. After the SSS Top 50 winds up sometime in March, I’ll roll out a new sort of “essential” poll: You guys are going to pick the ideal White Sox roster (picture a cage match of an expansion draft, where the White Sox can only protect 25 players, period).

MLB Draft Prospects You Should Know

For a guy who generally disdains advertising and the like, I somehow have become a branding maven (whether you, my friends, like it or not). I mean, lookit those couple dozen exclusives in the drop-down menu above! Anyway, wsm is after mine own heart, as he has already been toiling away at a new series that will profile players the White Sox may have their eyes on in the coming June draft. He, as is his wont, envisions around 100 players profiled in total, so we’ll be rolling out those features every two or three days.

That should take us through May, and at that point, wsm, Darren Jackson, and anyone else who wants to throw in will hone down the most likely White Sox targets for the draft and post more extended and/or updated features on at least a dozen players, as we ramp up to the No. 3 overall pick on June 3.

And the rest

That’s all of the definite maybes of the near future, but let me tell you, you’re almost guaranteed to get more than that for the low, low price of $0 per month.

First off, duh, we’ll be going wall-to-wall with coverage on any last-minute, bargain-bin, FAs the White Sox pick up, like Manny Machado, or Bryce Harper, or ... Gio González, or ... ... Adam Jones, or ... ... ... José [checks notes] Iglesias?

Beyond that, presuming I can continue to bulk up the writing roster with a lineup that can pitch in more with the day-to-day game recapping sorta stuff, there should be some excellent wrinkles to the Flashback series coming.

And yes, Virginia, there is a podcast coming. Again, I am wary of overextension, so assuming we’ve got enough hands pitched in, we’ll crank out something fun to listen to, with a promise of one, even two, pretty big, pretty familiar names showing up in full throat.

Miñoso League Baseball is yet another idea that will knock your socks off, but I’m just one guy. Maybe we can roll it out soon. At the very least, I’ll concoct some sort of practice run on my own, to see how taxing the whole thing will be, and then introduce it to the site at large. There are a couple of wrinkles to Miñoso baseball you guys are just gonna love ... I just gotta find the time.

As always, if anyone reading has interest in playing a bigger role on the site, you should know where to find me. The biggest needs at the moment are in the podcasting and fantasy league arenas, but any good fans with passion have a role on our site.

Oh, and thanks

As I alluded to above, we’re coming up fast on the first anniversary of SSS Mach 3. A year ago I’d already published an Oscar Gamble fanpost tribute (found here in republished form), with an official transition papers signed at some point into February last year.

It hasn’t been easy. Big shoes to fill here, of course. And from what I’ve been able to tell, it’s not often an SBN site as established, respected and terrific as this sees a mass editorial exodus, as happened a year ago. Those fellas just picked up their toys and found another sandbox, leaving SSS a bit wobbly. Big ups to those in the old guard who’ve stuck around for a full year since, consigliere larry and yeoman Michael Kenny, and to those who muscled through at least some of the transition, like e-gus, HSA, and KenWo. Current staff, well, of course you all are kickass, I wouldn’t have asked you on if you weren’t!

This site is nothing without all of you, reading, responding, debating, joking, and even, sometimes, policing. There is no question we are the most wide-ranging, well-read, and strongest community out there in the White Sox world. And captaining the ship is not a job I take lightly, not for a day. It’s an honor.

So, OK, we paddle on through another season, hopefully one closer to triple-figure wins than losses.

Feedback? Beef? Unfettered love? Sock it to me.