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Gamethread: A’s at White Sox

A pretty solid take on an Opening Day lineup greets Oakland at Camelback

Chicago White Sox Photo Day
Speak loudly, and carry: A big piece of lumber, which is what Tim Anderson’s been wielding all spring.
Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

It’s very much an Opening Day lineup for the Chicago White Sox in their return back to Glendale to take on the Oakland A’s — aside from Lucas Giolito starting, of course.

Anyone else think James McCann may be playing himself into more of a 50/50 split with Welington Castillo behind the plate? Lil Jimmy’s been pimping McCann in recent gamethreads, and at the moment (slashing .389/.476/.611 in seven games) LJ is barking up the right tree.

The game’s on WGN 720 radio and

Not too much else to report from camp today. We have both KimCinAZ and WIN05 at Camelback today, so SSS has a rooting interest.

In fact, Kim caught this dangerous breach, as young fans hopped the fence to steal some bunting drill reps ... wait, check that, I’m being told that is Nick Madrigal, Carlos Perez and Tyler Frost. Never mind.

... and that was Kim’s joke, by the way, can’t steal credit for it ...
Kim Contreras (@Cu_As)/South Side Sox