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Gamethread: White Sox at Angels

San Diego gets Machado, Philly signs Harper, Angels re-up Trout, Boston snags Sale ... and the South Siders secure Alcides Escobar

Chicago White Sox v Cincinnati Reds
When a free agent falls in the forest: Every White Sox fan hears it.
Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

Well, another day, another day, Chicago White Sox fans ...

It’s your second-favorite ... or second-most frequent ... or whatevermost game recapper here to try to polish today’s new South Side turd.

Ah hell, it’s late, and the subhed above says it well enough: While other, big boy-pants franchises sign or extend real major leaguers, the White Sox hone in on putrid and pointless AAAA talent.

Exhibit mfing A of this spring: Alcides Escobar.

Bless you, Alcides, for bringing your Venezuelan shortstop lineage to the one franchise that can best appreciate it. For practical purposes, while I’m sure you are a swell guy, as Fancy H. Yancy (who let me say is bringing the hell out of it in the stretch run to Opening Day) sort of hilariously shaded, three of your top 10 B-R comps are the offensively-challenged Ozzie Guillén, Luis Aparicio and Omar Vizquel.

Besides, there’s an aesthetically-displeasing trend developing here, with the White Sox snagging rejects from the Baltimore Orioles organization. Ten days ago it was Josh Osich, today, Escobar.

So, while 29 other teams struggle to find the latest market inefficiency (apparently, it’s not competing with one another to pay top wage to top tier talent on the open market, and completely avoiding any MLB wage for the middle class of players), the White Sox have found their new one: Collect Oriole droppings.

Did I say something yesterday about sun peeking through the clouds?

Oh well, this is just some weird, b.s., squeeze-Danny-Mendick-or-José-Rondón’s-innings-at- Charlotte move, anyway. No harm. Less than zero upside. Gave me a chance to rant and mock to bulk of a gamethread, in lieu of, like, an actual Eloy Jiménez extension signing press conference.

Oh, and to make room for Escobar (who is not reporting to major league camp but directly to Charlotte), not in any real way but perhaps in a pretend fashion like the team needed to open up a locker or lunchroom ration, the White Sox released Brandon Guyer. You know, a guy who almost has hope of being a major league hitter.

OK, brohans, game’s on NBC Sports Chicago, at 3:10 p.m. CT. The lineups: