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Predict the 2019 season!

Outdo the SSS experts (heh)

Houston Astros v Tampa Bay Rays
Rebuilt: Our only unanimous division winner, and most likely World Series champ, is the Houston Astros.
Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

Hey, forecasting the season is all the rage. Five (so far) of our writers took on the 2019 challenge, and here are the results:

Love this: me and Brett are hardest on the White Sox, yet both of us see another horrifying ALC season, one where a 93- or 95-loss season is still good for third (hey, the Detroit Tigers lost 98 last year and finished there ...)

You’ll see, I’m the contrarian here with picks. Everybody is sleeping on the Tampa Bay Rays. Three different AL East winners are predicted — and the Baltimore Orioles are a unanimous dog! Chris Sale, Mike Trout and Eloy Jiménez all are near-unanimous award winners. Lookit KP feeling the Angels!

Three different NLC teams are picked to win the division, like the AL East. Most picked the Dodgers to remain the best team in the NL.

Astros are the majority choice to win it all. I am the only holdout feeling that the NL will boast a champion.

Any other SSS writers, you’re still welcome to throw in; I can update these tables.

But now, dear readers, it’s your turn. Cut and paste your choices in the comments below.

White Sox

2019 record
Division rank
Team MVP
Rookie of the Year
Breakout Player
Biggest Disappointment
First Traded

Division Winners

AL Central
AL East
AL West
AL Wild Cards (2)
Best AL Team
Worst AL Team
AL Cy Young
AL Rookie of the Year

NL Central
NL East
NL West
NL Wild Cards (2)
Best NL Team
Worst NL Team
NL Cy Young
NL Rookie of the Year


AL Pennant
NL Pennant
World Series Winner