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Gamethread: Angels at White Sox

Micker Adolfo makes his spring debut today, after two homers in a recent intrasquad game; Dylan Cease is on tap tomorrow

MLB: Chicago White Sox-Media Day
Big bats: The White Sox don’t have many, but Micker Adolfo makes his spring debut in the sixth slot today.
Allan Henry-USA TODAY Sports

Now, manager Ricky Renteria is quoted on the back page of the Sun-Times today as saying that “there’s no purpose in a perpetual rebuild.” That’s a sentiment I can get behind, except when ... I see a lineup like this:

... where Ryan Goins is hitting fifth. I know, it’s spring training. But c’mon, walk the walk. Micker Adolfo batting sixth? Two guys who homered yesterday, Danny Mendick and Adam Engel, at the bottom of the order? Is this like an Ozzie-playing-Dunn-and-Rios thing, a message intended for the front office?

No, it’s not, I know. It’s spring training. But don’t manage like you’re in a perpetual rebuild, either, Ricky.

Reynaldo López takes the bump today, with these other guys hurling today as well. Hopefully, none of them will make you actually hurl as you watch on

Also, in “brighter days” news, apparently Dylan Cease gets his first spring start tomorrow, in one of the two split-squad games.

Recap perhaps a bit late tonight. We’ll see how the celebrations go. Beautiful day down here, guys, so I’m not tempted to rush home and catch any dark-cloud Sox action to spoil things.

More information on today’s game.