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Gamethread(ss): Padres vs. White Sox/White Sox at Cleveland

At Goodyear, Dylan Cease sees his first action, with birthday boy Nick Madrigal getting the start at second

MLB: Chicago White Sox-Media Day
Dylan, Cease: More than usual, there were a lot of strange, moody shots taken on Photo Day this year.
Allan Henry-USA TODAY Sports

It’s a split squad day, at home against the Padres and on the road at Cleveland. Both games start at 2:05 CST.

Lucas Giolito will make his second spring start, against lefty Logan Allen of San Diego, and, no, that person who isn’t playing for us isn’t in their starting lineup. Giolito will be throwing to Wellington Castillo, and has most of the probable regular lineup behind him:

Giolito had a mixed first start, but one with — big point here — no walks.

That game is scheduled for MLB.TV.

But the big news will be the Cleveland game, where Dylan Cease will be making his first appearance of 2019, opposing Tribe righty Adam Plutko. Cease will be pitching to 2018 Birmingham batterymate Alfredo González. It’s not Cease’s first time in a White Sox uniform — he tossed 6 13 innings of runless ball last spring — but he’ll definitely be the center of attention. He’ll have a few regulars in the lineup, including Yoán Moncada:

The Cleveland game is scheduled only for Gameday, and since Gameday in the spring apparently consists of one Arizona retiree who occasionally wakes up from his nap to update the score, there won’t be much to follow. Thus, we provide a public service to help you with your own game announcing.

One must presume that minor league announcers have already been calling Cease’s fastball “Cease fire,” but there are many more options with which to entertain yourself when you should be working:

  • Gets out of a jam: “Will wonders never! Cease!”
  • Breaks of a nifty curve: “Cease and da wrist!”
  • As new batter steps in: “He’s an enemy agent — Cease him!”
  • Gets a K on high heat: “Sunk him on the high Cease!”
  • Makes a batter look bad: “Render unto Cease, sir!”
  • Sneaks in a backdoor K: “Peek a boo, he Cease you!”

That’s just an opening sample, of course, but should suffice for his probable two innings. Feel free to add to the collection. Beats working.

Daryl Van Schouwen is kind enough to provide us with the full pitching lineups for today’s action: