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South Side Sox: April status update

Big thanks to all those who offered support in March!

Here’s a fun consequence of working into the wee hours most every night: Deleting stuff that would be really helpful to have on hand for future reference.

But, anyway, the old “South Side Sox needs your help” is gone forever (some of the original text appears in original form here and is reproduced as a sidebar now), and I’ll be spending an hour or so on this re-inputting all of our generous donors. Apparently, this is my subconscious reminding me to memorize all of your names.

So, anyway, here we are. We made it just past halfway to our desired goal when setting up outside support for our site after our budget was cut in half. Which might be seen as disappointing, but for us to ramp up as far as we did in short time, without an obvious button to push to help, that ain’t bad at all, and it’s a tribute to everyone who took the plunge.

We have been given enough initial support to only affect a portion of staff here, the so-called heavy hitters. Year of the Hamster’s Deputy Editor position was eliminated, representing about a third of the cut. Darren Jackson’s lead voice position was eliminated, about a fifth. My own pay was slashed about 40%. Those three cuts pretty much accounted for everything that’s lost, and unfortunately, for the people who turn the lights on every morning, it’s a bummer.

But looking ahead, hopefully there’s momentum to get us pretty quickly back to where we were and perhaps beyond, so we can add additional coverage and features.

As of now, nothing will change about the site. (And it certainly isn’t in danger of materially going away.) Technically, we’re required to post very minimally due to the cuts — SBN is not demanding the same or more work for half-pay — but as I’d said before, I’m fighting back. We’re still going to provide everything you’re accustomed to here over the past year: gamethreads, recaps, minor league updates (more detailed than you’ll find anywhere), unique photos, previews, and features.

We’ve got the groovy new Breaking T partnership going with PINWHEEL POWER, which is a great way for you to support the site, as we get a little tip for you clicking the link and buying, and you get some groovy gear in return. I have a couple of additional ideas to get off the ground as well, store items that ideally will give us an even bigger chunk of the action.

Pending interest, we’ll start kicking off a weekly Q&A here, with questions provided by site supporters. And consider this the first of the monthly site updates that will include thank-yous to everyone who has helped out.

Thank you for your support!

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