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Gamethread: White Sox at Yankees

Forget Mother Nature: What does Eloy Jiménez do for an encore?

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Chicago White Sox v New York Yankees
Jumping for Jiménez: With two swings, Eloy may have lifted a year of anguish off of White Sox fans’ shoulders.
Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

How about that!

Torrential rain, Giolito hanging in, Eloy going deep then deeper, little louie going stealth at Pinstripe Alley for regular reports ... last night had everything! I have to go back to Brent Lillibridge in 2011, or Aaron Rowand in 2005 (or was it 2004, whenever that crazy series was where he made all the spectacular diving catches) to think of a time I’ve had as much fun watching the White Sox in Yankee Stadium.

First, the always useful, never cheeky Twitter key to the game, from Steve Stone:

The White Sox try to take the series today with Jiménez in the No. 6 spot, and eight other guys:

C.C. Sabathia makes his season debut today, along with this ragtag, semi-injured, mediocre band of Yanquis:

Let’s see if Eloy can make Kyle Higashioka drop his head in disgust, just like Austin Romine did last night. Ballgame’s on NBCSCH and WGN-AM.

And, hey, this is just a PSA, because supplies are running short. Get ’em while you can. Immediately endorsed by katiesphil.