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South Side Sox Prospect Vote roundup

Our final winner was Yermin Mercedes, squeaking in at No. 50. Thank you for all 9,333 votes!

Now slugging for Birmingham, Mercedes slipped a bit from last year’s poll.
Winston-Salem Dash

This concludes the SSS Prospect Vote. An impressive 9,333 votes were cast over 50 polls, an average of 187 per round — impressive even considering the bizarre Russian bot spike that seemed to scandalize Round 10.

All 50 of these votes are factoring into our overall list of Top 100 Prospects, which will continue in earnest and conclude right before the 2019 draft.

Thanks to whitesoxman20051917 for the bulk of the copy on all of these player capsules, straight from his stellar Deep Dive series this offseason.

And for those of you shedding a tiny tear for the loss of (almost) daily polling, fret not. Something will pop up.

Voting results for Round 50

In the final vote, it wasn’t much of a fight. Yermin Mercedes pushed forward by almost doubling the nods given his second-place competition, earning 25 of 62 (41%) votes. Mercedes ranked 42nd in last year’s poll.

2019 South Side Sox Prospect Vote Winners

2019 South Side Sox Prospect Vote Top Catchers

Here’s the positional breakdown for the Prospect Vote results:

Catchers 4 (8%)
First Basemen 2 (4%)
Second Basemen 3 (6%)
Third Basemen 3 (6%)
Shortstops 6 (12%)
Infielders 18 (36%)

Left Fielders 1 (2%)
Center Fielders 4 (8%)
Right Fielders 3 (6%)
Outfielders 8 (16%)

Right-Handed Starting Pitchers 11 (22%)
Left-Handed Starting Pitchers 4 (8%)
Starting Pitchers 15 (30%)

Right-Handed Relief Pitchers 7 (14%)
Left-Handed Relief Pitchers 2 (4%)
Relief Pitchers 9 (18%)

Righthanders 18 (36%)
Lefthanders 6 (12%)

Hitters 26 (52%)
Pitchers 24 (48%)

More information on our polling.