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Tweetstorm: Tim Anderson

Hey, didya hear TA’s Stick Talk got the Royals riled, throwing conniption fits over a bat flip? Here’s a bit of a review

MLB: Kansas City Royals at Chicago White Sox
I mean, they’re writing “flips his bat” in captions now: Aren’t we a little past having conniption fits over bat flips?
David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

When I was a young’un, I was brought up to have firewater in my belly, to harrumph and garrumph over any transposition of the unwritten rules of base-ball.

Albert Pujols, strangely, was a guy who really got my goat (Sammy Sosa was such a friggin’ ham, his dumbass hop somehow escaped my radar). Pujols would hit mammoth homers and stand in the box and stare at them, like a robot or marble statue.

(I mean, hell was my problem? First, this is nothing compared to what we see today. Second, once he gets out of first gear, Pujols is like sprinting around the bases, not milking the moment. Third, this homer forced a sixth game, threw off Houston’s rotation, and aided the World Series sweep by the Good Guys. Jeez, what a grinch I was.)

I figured that any pitcher who didn’t put Pujols down at the earliest juncture was a sissy, or at least in violation of the Bob Gibson Addendums to the Official Rules for Hurlers and While We’re at It, Take Off the Goddam Baseball Helmet You Fancy Boy, 1968 edition.

I’ll still laugh my ass off (or lament, if it’s a White Sox player) a dude parked in the box admiring his ... long fly out ... single off the wall ... or double TOOTBLANned into a non-triple and the third out of the inning, when he guesses wrong on his clout. (Helps that is seems to happen with uncommon frequency with the northsiders.) But that’s different.

Today, if you want to Willie Mays Hayes the hell outta your plays, OK. Just have fun.

I’m not sure where exactly the change occurred for me. But, flying a little close to

territory just wasn’t where I wanted to be as a baseball fan.

In honor of Tim Anderson getting K.C.’s goat on Wednesday, even in a loss, I’d like to share how @SouthSideSox took in the aftermath.

So, it begins:

I’m going to forego SSS’s tweet to this terrific comp by Jomboy in order to make both highlights available here, but our take was:

This is FABULOUSLY done: