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So, this is what qualifies as ‘breaking news?’

OK, the White Sox dumped Ervin Santana today

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Detroit Tigers
So long, Ervin: You were a bad pitcher, but a great sport.
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

So, OK, as sort of anticipated by Darren Jackson in his inadvertent takedown of the entirety of the upper-level Chicago White Sox starting corps this morning, the team designated No. 5 starter (but first on your Twitter timeline) Ervin Santana for assignment.

The move accommodates Eloy Jiménez’s return from bereavement leave. The White Sox apparently have promoted Manny Bañuelos into the starting rotation (assuming the injured Lucas Giolito’s No. 3 spot) and feel Giolito will be ripe for a return in time to assume Santana’s vacated No. 5 spot for the game next Tuesday, hosting the Baltimore Orioles.

Santana was 0-2 with a 9.45 ERA and 9.56 FIP in three career White Sox starts. He is just two years removed from a top-seven finish in AL Cy Young voting, and leading the majors in both complete games (5) and shutouts (3).

Before you look at Santana and tab his tire fire of a -0.4 bWAR as a worse gamble than James Shields, at the very least he belongs in a special wing of “short runs.” Consider, for example, that in 2018 we got a full season of gassed Shields, who qualifies as the second-worst starting pitcher (min. 400 IP) in White Sox history. Perhaps you can guess the first.