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Gamethread: Tigers at White Sox

If ace Carlos Rodón can’t stop the bleeding during this ‘easy’ run, is there any hope left?

Better days seem to come around when Rodón hits the mound. Let’s hope he has a little magic in him tonight.
Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

It’s White Sox-Bengals on the South Side tonight.

Per Baseball-Reference’s simple rating system, which uses run differential and strength of schedule to create a sort of power rating for major league baseball, only the Miami Marlins and Baltimore Orioles are definitively worse teams than Chicago and Detroit. Technically, Detroit is third-worst, at -1.4, and the White Sox fifth-worst at -1.2, with the Boston Red Sox (!) sandwiched in-between, but then, we just saw what the O’s are capable of doing to the South Siders ...

No matter how you slice it, the White Sox need a win. They’re starting to get on that “Race to the Bottom” track they hit last year and never got off of. Eloy Jiménez needs to come back from his bereavement leave with fresh eyes that he can use to mash, and at least occasionally catch, the ball.

Oh, speaking of Eloy’s leave, upon return and activation, the White Sox cut ties with Ervin Santana today. Read DJ’s piece on the White Sox starters, which pretty much anticipated the pickle the White Sox are in right now with regard to the rotation. (Warning: You need a strong stomach.)

Over on Twitter, the head sassmaster @SouthSideSox had this to say regarding the move:

(Talking about yourself in third person, ohboy, I think I’ve officially joined the 21st Century now.)

Editorial note of sorts: It was put out there yesterday, but for those of you regular followers of @SouthSideSox on Twitter, as part of the “evolution” of the site the @SouthSideSox account is going to be used more or less exclusively for some lighter Twitter fare from here. Think story tweets, general site maintenance stuff. You want the terrific jokes, sassiness, thoughtful retweets and occasional bar fights with Cubbies fans, follow @BrettBallantini. (Follow both accounts, please; it’s not like Twitter is charging you by the follow.) In fact, here you go, a Twitter-ref for all things South Side Sox:

You say you came here just for lineups? OK, you could’ve just said so.

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