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Gamethread: Tigers at White Sox

It wasn’t just the lousy weather that struck on Saturday; awful injury news to Eloy Jiménez (high ankle sprain) and Nate Jones (elbow inflammation) has cast a pall

Detroit Tigers v Chicago White Sox
Walk it off: Eloy Jiménez hits the IL with a high ankle sprain, which he was allowed to walk off the field on Friday. He could be out three months.
Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Inasmuch as Eloy Jiménez not having a broken bone or torn cartilage is good news, Sunday morning’s release from the Chicago White Sox was about as dark as it gets:

[Sound of the White Sox slowing pulling their multiyear extension to Dylan Cease off of the table ...]

Uh, well, high ankle sprain is ... not good. You can pitch Eloy being on the 10-day IL as something positive, but there’s nothing at all to read into that. There’s the chance that his tissue damage is truly minor — he was allowed to walk off the field partially under his own weight, after all — in which case, yeah, maybe Jiménez hits a rehab stint in Charlotte this time next month. But, pards, I’m fearful that the news may be a little darker than that, because high ankle sprains aren’t nothing.

Now, as for Nate, well, I’m willing to see elbow inflammation as a bit more of an amorphous diagnosis. He really might just need a bit of rest. But given we’re talking about a surgically-repaired right elbow, well, you do the math. Certainly, the idea that Nate Jones has pitched his last game in the White Sox uniform is on the table.

To replace the pair — and we already knew the club was a bit hitter-heavy for Ricky’s liking when Jiménez replaced Ervin Santana on the roster two days ago — two familiar relievers arrive from Charlotte.

Not Ian Hamilton but Thyago Vieira is the right-handed fireballer coming up to fortify the pen. Vieira wasn’t great in 2018, was awful in spring training, and hasn’t pitched well at all in Charlotte, so if this isn’t a last-gasp-before-release, I’m not sure what it is. Vieira has a 5.00 ERA in seven games at Charlotte, with two saves and a 1.444 WHIP. He has just seven Ks in nine innings, so he’s not even missing bats with his big arm. As DJ said awhile back on Vieira, his only go-to pitch is heat, and between being a one-trick pony and losing a tick or two off of that heat, he’s throwing BP out there. Especially given the need for multi-innings and not a late-inning guy (among Jace Fry, Kelvin Herrera and Alex Colomé that is the one area of the White Sox that seems semi-solid), plucking Vieira and not Dylan Covey (2.51 ERA in almost 3 IP per outing) or Evan Marshall (0.00 ERA in 10 outings, 13 Ks/1 BB) is an egregious oversight.

Aaron Bummer is the southpaw up from Charlotte, and although he seems to really get under SSS’s skin, he’s earned his call back: 2.35 ERA over five games. Certainly, Caleb Frare’s numbers were just about the same, but the Bummer choice is way more palatable than promoting Vieira.

OK so hey, man, there’s a game today. The White Sox could enjoy their first (cheat code) sweep of the season! The top five in the order, if you squint through the slurry, actually looks sort of not maybe that awfully terrible!

And then there’s this:

On the Detroit side, ugh, jeez, you haven’t witnessed enough misery already in this early gamethread?

And to think, it all began on the South Side (sigh).

Game’s at 1:10 CT on NBCSCHCHCHCHCHCHhhhh and WGN-AM radio. Be there, or if you need a mental health day, it’s cool. We got you covered.